IMPORTANT! The UNCG Wrapper Block is required to use the Homepage Hero. The Homepage Hero block is only available as a block inside the UNCG Wrapper Block.

Homepage Hero Settings:

Once the UNCG Wrapper Block is added to your page, you’ll have the ability to add the Homepage Hero block. The Homepage Hero block allows for a custom heading (H1), sub-heading, and three (3) customizable buttons, with the option to add additional buttons if needed.

The only unique setting for the Homepage Hero block is to set a minimum height. This allows for the addition of spacing between the top of the block and the heading (H1). You will want to test this in different browser sizes, however, this gives you flexibility when choosing a hero image and ensuring that it fits accordingly.

The example above uses an image as the background of the Wrapper Block with a minimum height of 520px.

Screenshot of Homepage Hero settings.