Gutenberg blocks are the editor blocks that are used to create content layouts in the new WordPress block editor aka Gutenberg. Introduced in WordPress 5.0, the Gutenberg editor is a fully block-based editor where each piece of content is a draggable block. By default, WordPress offers a set of basic content blocks like a paragraph, image, button, list, and more.

Here you’ll find a collection of modular design elements meant to provide digital designers and developers with ready-to-use blocks that are responsive, accessible, and in keeping with University web development, design, security, usability, and identity guidelines.

Custom UNCG Blocks

A design element that expands in place to expose some hidden information.

Display multiple announcements in a heading, text, and link format.

Customizable hero section with the page title and breadcrumbs.

Displays the information in a set of elements that we can slide, fade or somehow move into view.

A component that holds an image, heading, paragraph, and link.

An equal-height group of components that holds an image, heading, paragraph, and link.

Displays a summary with a details section that can be shown/hidden. Intended to enhance accessibility.

Provides a block that allows the user to search for different employees based on department.

Display a calendar of events based on category(ies).

Full-width block used to highlight a program, article, post, page, etc.

Layout elements that contain an icon, heading, text, and CTA.

Large tagline, button/links, and customizable background.

Multiple layout styles with images, headings, and CTAs.

Animated block layout with images, headings, and copy.

An alternate version of everything included in the Info Slide-Ins block.

Display a list of menus in your choice of multiple columns.

Displays posts with different display options, by categories.

Displays paginated post excerpts with a search bar for news posts.

A heading that overlaps the previous and the next block.

Display a list of important phone numbers for a department, school, or office.

A customizable nested list of important policies or guidelines.

Section to promote/callout single or multiple items.

A group of four images within a pre-styled masonry layout.

Block that includes a cover image and customizable icon links.

A block that includes a menu of your choice for different subpages.

Display icons linking to your social media profiles or sites.

A carousel block with different styles to feature an individual.

A customizable block used to highlight notable statistics.

A block used to organize and hide or show different content.

Full-width container with customizable background and border options.

Enhanced WordPress Blocks

Provide a structure and hierarchy to the content on a web page.

Use an image for a visual statement.

Used to group related items together.