Displays news/posts with different display options. Filterable by categories. The News Block is available in three (3) distinct styles shown below.

Open Cards Style:

Closed Cards Style:

Card Over Image Style:

All Card Settings

  • Theme Style
    • You can change it from Open Cards, Closed Cards, or Card Over Image style
    • All card styles contain the same settings
  • Layout Style
    • Inline will show your news blocks in a row, useful for most pages; Stacked will stack your news blocks in a single column, useful for a right or left sidebar position
  • Title
    • This will add an optional title to the top of this section
  • Call to Action
    • Add a button to direct users to an additional page, for instance, your main news page
  • CTA Style
    • You have the option of four (4) different button styles (Primary, Secondary, Inline Link, or CTA Button); refer to the Resources page for more information regarding buttons
  • Filter Categories
    • Displays only the posts from the selected category(ies)