The Promo/Callout block creates one or more stylized boxes for featured content. These boxes give users a visual cue that the information is important and offset the featured content from the rest of the page. Promo/Callouts are more customizable than buttons and include an image, subject heading, and a link.

The Promo/Callout BlocK

Promo/Callout Settings

Screenshot of Promo/Callout settings.
  • Once the block has been added to the editor, click on the Add a Promo/Callout button to add your first component. Continue to add components until you reach the number that you want to group together. The components will automatically wrap to the next row based on the container/viewport’s size.
  • Follow the instructions for each component to replace the placeholder image, add subject text, and to add a link.
  • Notes:
    • Each component looks best with an image in the 1×1, square ratio matching in size to each other.
    • The heading and link are required in order for the component to display correctly.